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Looking for a fast experience? Try our 4 time world champ winning OK-Dinghy Sail (formerly known as "Quantum") personally made by Greg Wilcox.

Our sails are custom made for each sailor and mast. The luff curve of your mast is part of the design of your sail: your sail gets plotted and made only for you -> it will be perfect.

Greg Wilcox - sailing OK-Dinghy since he has been 19 years old....


How to order:

send us an email with the following data:

- name and address

- your weight, height, fitnesslevel/experience and age

- mastbendnumbers/ datasheet fore and aft or mastnumber

- your sailnumber

If you have any questions: ask :-)

We want to make the perfect sail for you.



EU customers:

1095,00 € incl. VAT

freight: 20,00 € folded, rolled not available


EU company customers with VAT number (Umsatzsteueridentifikationsnummer):

925,00 € ex VAT

freight: 20,00 € folded, rolled not available


export customers (outside EU):

965,00 € export VAT, import tax by your home country might be possible

freight: 50,00 € folded, rolled not available

15 € EXTRAS: sorry, but we have to charge a bit extra for special options like ronstan shocks for thin cunningham ropes or other coloured sailnumbers than grey

110,00 € for Carbon battens

Our sails come measured and labeled (DSV & OKDIA), ready to sail.

If you order 3 sails or more at the same time a 10% net discount will be given.


trimmguide english

equipmentlist (covers, mastbags, .....)library/pdf/ok stuff 2024.pdf

C-tech-masts: please get in touch with c-tech directly: www.c-tech.co.nz

Ceilidh-masts: we give our customers a 10% discount on the nettoprice of the mast, if ordering a sail the same time.

Mast curves: we make you own perfect mast curve for all masts available whe ordering a sail