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Make your own sail

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Do you dream of building your own sail? We'll help you. Sign up for one of our sailmaking courses and we can realize your dreams together.

You do not believe that it is possible? It is possible! If you have never used a sewing machine? Do not worry! Do you need a break from sitting in front of a computer every day and do you want to work with your own hands? Then this is the right place!

Since Turtle Sails has been developing sails, we have always stood together with our development partners in the workshop. Our partners have won World, European and German Championships with sails they have helped to make!

You build your own sail under our instruction. We generally start with your ideas, experiences and wishes, or even with the bend curve of your mast, with on-board measurement, up to body size and fitness level for the individual adaptation of the sail to you. Then we select the appropriate material within the framework of the class rules and / or what will be best suited for the boat. On the computer, we design the sail before the plotter draws it on the cloth with exact precision, and you can get started with cutting, gluing, sewing and bordering: With every step, your sail looks more and more like the one you dreamed of. We can say from our own experience that it is really a great feeling to drive a sail that you have built with your own hands - we began to build our own sails due to our passion for sailing.

Greg started part time at Port Nicholson Sails in Wellington, New Zealand. This he found so exciting that he hung up his office job and started full time at the sailmakers. In 2002, he became world champion in the OK sailing dinghy with his own sailing design.

Juliane felt the same way: All the sails on the market were simply too powerful for a "woman" with a weight of 60kg sailing an OK-Dinghy. So the easiest and best way was to “Do it Yourself”! The first light wind model was produced in 2002. Since then, Juliane has made all her sails herself after she also turned her back on her consulting job in 2006 and opened a sailmaking workshop with Greg. In 2008, she won 2nd place at the German Championship, and since then she has helped many of the female colleagues to finally get along with the OKs.

Six good reasons why you should book a sailing course with Turtle Sails:

  1. Because it is a unique experience to build your own sail! How many people do you know who have built their own sail? Probably no one. If you are sitting in front of the computer all day and you want to be somewhere else, working with your hands with a result that you can not only see but also sail is a wonderful experience that you will never forget.

  2. Our courses are tailor-made for you and your boat. The high level of care helps to learn a lot in a relatively short period of time and also increases the quality of the sail you build. You will not only learn how to sew and make eyelets, but you will also "completely" understand the physics behind the movement "sailing".

  3. This understanding of sailing gives you a whole new feeling on the water. Especially when you sail regattas, the in-depth perception will positively influence your performance. As a sailing sailor, your confidence in the cloth is infinitely strengthened.

  4. Many people who have worked with us say that we are good teachers. I think that is very important and a reason why almost all of our development partners not only go home with a self-made sail in their hand but also with a smile because they could realize their dreams in sailing. It is important to us that you learn as much as possible and that your sail is as good as possible.

  5. It’s hard to believe but we have made championship winning sails for many classes in our small workshop! Stine Paeper became Europe Dinghy champion (2010 and 2012) and has dominated the Europe scene for years. Sascha Schröter, together with Juliane 2013, came second in the European Championship in the pirate and, together with Holger Hoff 2015, European Champion: There is no higher status in the Pirate! In our favourite class, the OK Dinghy, we have developed World Championship winning sails together with Karl Purdie (2008/2009), Thomas Hansson - Mild (2010) and André Budzien (2012). That's incredible? You can do that too!

  6. Many people who take a course with us want to build even more sails in the future. Especially when they are racing regattas intensively and need new cloth every year. Depending on their level of skill, they may be able to build more of their sails at Turtle Sails without having to book a course.

Our Sailmaking Courses

Depending on what sail you want to build, we plan in a preliminary discussion, how much time and what material you need.

Do you build a one-design class? Then we look at the class rules. Your yacht is unique? Then we make it to fit the boat.

We design the sails on the computer and order the materials.

And now you come! Before plotting the sail (s) you will get your sailing experience and the characteristics of your boat into the design. Together everything comes in your so-called plotfile, which is then archived securely. So you can build and develop your sail again and again.

Now you cut the individual tracks and the reinforcements. That's easy. A pair of scissors and double-sided tape are tools you already use in everyday life.

Now the parts are glued together. This requires fingertip feeling, especially with spinnakers.

After only a few hours, the bare roll has already become a three-dimensional sail!

Now go to sewing, the core of sailmaking. We'll show you how to do it, even if you've never sat on a sewing machine.

Finally, the sail is closed and the fittings are hammered on the head, the clew and the tack. What fun!

Wow! Your sail is ready!

And now? Down to the water!

You can bring your boat and test everything. By trailer, you can use the slip of the shipyard Marchot behind our workshop. If you come to us by water, a boat stand is available in the marina.

Looking again?

Our courses

  1. single handed dinghy sailmaking course (Opti, Europe, OK, Finn, O-Jolle, etc.): 4 days á 4 hours 9.15am - 1.15pm for 1490 € plus material cost incl. meassurement and royalty buttons

  2. double handed dinghy sailmaking course incl. spi: 7 days á 4 hours 9.15am - 1.15pm for 2980 € plus material cost incl. meassurement and royalty

  3. Jollenkreuzer and Kielboat sailmaking course (15s, 20s, 30s) with jib, genoa and mainsail with reefs: for this we make individual offers depending on the size of the sails and the production costs.

  4. Single sail sailmaking courses: you only need a Spi / Genoa / Jib / Large? We clarify the measurements and the material and send you an individual offer.

Our sailmaking courses are quickly booked, especially in winter! Do not hesitate to ask for your preferred course and period!


Why do we only work 4 hours a day on my new sail? Because you learn a lot of new things all at once, which need a lot of concentration in the implementation. Since everything is to be produced as exactly as possible, we prefer not to do too much at once and not too long.

What if I make my new sail in less than the calculated time? Then you also pay less: we calculate the course time on the hours taken. (80 € per hour).

What if I can not make my sail in the calculated time? You can stay longer for a lower rate (40 € per hour). Or we will finish your sail at no extra charge (except for the freight to your home. Of course you can also collect it for free.).

What if I find that Sailmaking is not for me? You can stop at any time and we will finish your sail. You then pay the normal price for the sail plus for however many hours you were learning.